UCSB / Santa Clara

  • UCSB Rowing Boathouse 2265 CA-154 Santa Barbara, CA, 93105 United States

Lake Cachuma, Santa Barbara

Race Day Schedule + Results:

7:00am - coxswain meeting

8:30am - V8
SCU 5:47.8
UCSB A 5:50.0
UCSB B 5:56.9
UCLA 6:03.7

8:50am - 2V8
UCSB A 6:07.9
Santa Clara 6:13.5
UCLA 6:23.2
UCSB B 6:33.7

9:10am - N4
UCSB A 6:59.5
UCSB B 7:01.4
UCSB C 7:39.2
UCSB D 7:46.4
UCLA 8:22.1

9:50am - N8
SCU 6:05.8
UCSB A 6:14.0
UCLA 6:20.3
UCSB B 6:28.2

Directions to boathouse:

  1. Hwy 101 to Santa Barbara (going north) or to near Los Olivos (going south)
  2. Hwy 154 to Cachuma Lake
  3. Turn left past entrance gate, then immediate right onto main park road
  4.  Turn right at 4-way stop next to general store / gas station
  5. When the road forks (hard right, gentle downhill right), take the gentle right.
  6. Follow all the way through, over a small wood bridge, to parking near the boathouse.

NOTE for Family/Friends Parking: there is a $10 per car entrance fee for the park; if you arrive before 7am the rangers won’t be on duty yet, but you'll have to pay on their way out

March 8
Alumni Day
March 21
OCC Dual